Flowers From Heaven Foundation offers help in various ways in the field of personal development. Think of experiential trainings that help you to become a stronger and firmer person in life, believing in yourself from an authentic identity, not only for now but for the rest of your life!

Are you working in health care as a psychologist, therapist or social worker? Especially for professionals Monique has developed a training with useful methods and guidelines to put into practice that is rooted in the needs of clients from the past 12 years! Clients regularly informed Monique that therapy they previously followed, often had not given the desired results, and after a while they relapsed into old habits and negative thoughts. The guidelines they got from either our 1 on 1 therapy, or in a training, helped them to come to the source of their problems and they learned how to help themselves. This way they experienced long term radical changes and they conquered their fear. THIS is what inspired Monique to develop this training for professionals!

So, if you

  • would like to help your clients to learn to help themselves and not only in the
    now but for the rest of their lives?
  • would like to come to the source of problems of your clients?
  • would like to expand your therapy with 3 new methods:
    Inner child – sub personalities – drawing analysis?

Then you will be interested in this unique 6 days training. This training can also be seen as a useful updating of your skills!

How does the training work?

Experiencing the methods yourself is central in our training. In the first 2 days we will deal with the inner child, the part all are being bowed down with (mostly unconsciously). When practicing this method you will help your clients become conscious of the patterns; way of thinking, feeling and behaving that originated from their parental family. The client is going to recognize and acknowledge that these patterns have a limited influence on their way of thinking, feeling and acting in the now, and will learn how to turn it back into mature consciousness.

In the following 2 days we are going to work with sub-personalities. This method is showing people how to see both positive and negative behaviors and feelings in a better way. Since we all have dozens of sub-personalities we can experience different feelings at different times during the day, which can bring us out of balance. Learning how to recognize and acknowledge these differences in behaviors and feelings, you client will become able to make the different sub-personalities work together. This way your client will form a total picture of their identity: Who am I? / What do I want?

In the last 2 days of the training you as a professional will learn how to recognize specific marks in drawings and how to analyse them. By making a drawing with an assignment/instruction, if applicable with a visualization in advance, the client will get in touch with their subconscious. Here lies the key to transformation! With the knowledge learnt in the training, you as a professional will now know how to analyse your client’s  drawing and how to move on.

What can you expect?

  • Personal growth and development
  • Experiencing the methods yourself first
  • A warm atmosphere with like-minded people
  • Small groups of 3-4 people
  • Guidance of an experienced and qualified psychosocial therapist
  • Teaching your clients to go from child- to mature consciousness
  • Tools which can be used during the whole therapy
  • Tools your clients can use for the rest of their lives
  • A ready-to-use manual with concrete guidelines that can be put into practice straight away
  • A practice session with a real client

Training sessions:

  • are 6 days in total for professionals in South Africa, scheduled for one full day (9-5PM) every two weeks, covering a total of 12 weeks.
  • are 5 days in total for professionals from overseas (every other day) within 2 weeks.
  • other possibilities are negotiable!

Curious? Don’t hesitate to ask me for more (informal) information. Warm regards, Monique

Monique van de Laar

Founder Identiti & Flowers from Heaven Foundation, psychosocial therapist, trainer and Reikimaster

Who am I?

As a human being, experienced from multiple areas of life, I share these experiences and learnings with others, using my talents gained from being a qualified psychosocial therapist. This is done by offering psychosocial training and workshops, developed by myself. All is made to measure, since every person is unique! My greatest talent is to get the best out of people and to inspire and motivate them.

Why South Africa?

I feel very much at home in South Africa and have been here regularly for the past 10 years. Since January 2018 I temporarily live and work in SA.
Also my grandfather had the South African nationality which is making this project more special to me. My interest in people is huge, regardless of their age, background, religion, or culture. So far I have worked (in different ways) with people from many different cultures: Dutch – English – Muslim – Turkish – Somali – Curacao – Zulu – Dominican Republic….