The trainings and courses below are suitable for you, when you have the need and motivation to invest in sustainable (self) development. Our mission is to help people to help themselves!


Are you working in health care as a psychologist, therapist or social worker? Especially for professionals Monique has developed a training with useful methods and guidelines to put into practice that is rooted in the needs of clients from the past 12 years! Clients regularly informed Monique that therapy they previously followed, often had not given the desired results, and after a while they relapsed into old habits and negative thoughts. The guidelines they got from either our 1 on 1 therapy, or in a training, helped them to come to the source of their problems and they learned how to help themselves. This way they experienced long term radical changes and they conquered their fear. THIS is what inspired Monique to develop this training for professionals!

So, if you

  • would like to help your clients to learn to help themselves and not only in the
    now but for the rest of their lives?
  • would like to come to the source of problems of your clients?
  • would like to expand your therapy with 3 new methods:
    Inner child – sub personalities – drawing analysis?

Then you will be interested in this unique 6 days training. This training can also be seen as a useful updating of your skills! The training is in Dutch for professionals from overseas and in English for professionals in South Africa!

Feedback from the first social workers in South Africa who followed the training Psychosocial methods for professionals, click below

Adelaide July 2018

Zama July 2018

Psychosociale methodieken pofessionals

Working in small groups


The films will be showing the true stories and challenges of people who live in rural areas and which they are facing every day of their lives; all kinds of abuse, crime, alcohol/drug problems, unemployment, teenage pregnancy etc..

During and at the end of the films solutions are provided. We would like to have the film(s) shown in the schools, so that not only the students, but also the teachers and socials workers, can become aware of different solutions, given by the people themselves! There will be a conversational exchange of input and output with the viewers during and after the film, therefore the film is having an interactive content.

Our aim is to show people they can be proud of themselves, of WHO they are! How to build strong relationships, starting at home with their relatives and loved ones and how to decrease the violence and other problems as mentioned above. We love to help people to become a stronger and firmer person in life. People who have believe in themselves and stand up for their talents!

Film: 1 hour each
Paid by: sponsors and hopefully the (local) government

Our desire is to be working with students of film, TV and entertainment production etc.

Film producer/writer: Jannet Nhlapo

AYANDA our Non Executive Member: on the way to be a successful actress, is being filmed for a new commercial movie!


We have noted that lots of youngsters in the communities do not know how to write a good CV. Due to this, one’s opportunity to find a (suitable) job becomes even smaller. Youth unemployment in South Africa is very high. Socio-economic inequality and inadequate education are two factors causing such high unemployment and disguises how the situation disproportionately affects black youths. We have already achieved success with our way of writing CV’s (in English) and would like to help more people finding a job. The workshop takes 3 mornings and includes practicing interviews. It is also our intention to invite youngsters who have succeeded finding a job or started their own business, to inspire and motivate the participants on the first morning workshop.

Trainer: Monique van de Laar and 1 Non Executive Member

Learn to write a good CV!

Workshops with the gogo’s (grandmothers) in the communities

For many years now I have been working with the gogo’s (grandmothers) in my community. The reason why is because they take an important role in our society. It is not unusual for a gogo to look after their grandchildren, so that their children can go out and find a job, or because their children have passed away. This means that young children are mainly raised by their grandmothers at home and their teachers in schools. I have experienced and was told many stories about all kinds of problems the gogo’s and their grandchildren are facing every day. Our aim is to help decreasing all types of abuse and to increase healthy relationships. A well-known saying: The children are the future! Don’t we all want healthy and happy children in our families, communities, countries? By starting at the source of the abuse and problems, with this workshop I would like to contribute my share of knowledge so that we could help each other. Every workshop day starts with half an hour simple exercises or dancing to also help decrease the high blood pressure of which lots of gogo’s are suffering from.

Contents of the 4 workshop days:

  • Explaining all types of abuse: physical, sexual and emotional
  • Learning about taking own responsibilities
  • What is Love; what does it mean to you and how to express it
  • Respect and Discipline; how to communicate and how to discipline yourself
  • Relationships between grandparents / teachers / social workers
  • Gogo’s bringing in cases / solutions from the group

4 days in total from 9 AM – 3 PM

Trainer: Jannet Nhlapo and 1 Non Executive Member

Workshops with the gogo’s (grandmothers) in the communities

REIKI Healing courses

Reiki 1: physical level
Reiki 2: emotional/mental level
Reiki 3A en 3B (Reiki Master): soul level

The Usui system of natural healing’

Reiki is one of the oldest way of healing, known to mankind. ‘Rei’ stands for universal and ‘ki’ for life energy; universal life energy. This universal life energy is passed in a loving way through the hands on the body. With Reiki, there can be a healing taking place on different levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This energy healing is in line with the needs of our body, mind and spirit and bringing it back into balance.
Generally, Reiki can give a relief of a physical (acute) pain, give insight on a mental level, evoke an emotion or feeling, and bring the patterns and beliefs that limit you in your daily life and which need healing, to the surface. Therefore Reiki also has a positive impact on your spiritual growth! It can also be seen as a wonderful addition to all kinds of therapies! Reiki is only positive and cannot do anything harmful.
One of the biggest advantages of Reiki I find, is that you can heal yourself!
Not only is the one you give Reiki back recharged with this life energy, but also yourself.
Once you are initiated you will keep the ability to use Reiki for the rest of your life!


+ Balancing the organs and glands and their functions
+ Removes blockages and releases repressed feelings
+ Improves natural self-healing and to reinforce the immune system
+ Cures both the symptoms as causes of complaints
+ Detoxification
+ Increases vitality and well-being
+ Increases self-awareness and confidence
+ Relaxes and reduces stress
+ Pain relief
+ Benefits all kind of (sports) injuries: it speeds up the healing process for muscles issues, cuts and even broken bones, and mosquito bites etc.
+ Reinforces the life energy
+ Improves your intuition
+ Cures holistic (body/mind)
+ and many more


REIKI Healing

Dr. Mikao Usui

Different REIKI Courses

Reiki 1:
1 ½ days. Price is incl. certificate, coffee/thee, small lunch, directory with information
Reiki 2:
1 day. Price is incl. certificate, coffee/thee, small lunch, directory with information
Reikimaster 3A:
1 day. Price is incl. certificate, coffee/thee, small lunch, directory with information. You have (above all) the desire to be master of yourself (connection between body & soul) by entering your own inner mastership.
Reikimaster 3B:
You have completed all levels in order to give Reiki courses and to initiate people;  Monique will guide you on your (inner) journey to become a Reikimaster 3B. The desire to become a Reikimaster always comes naturally and comes from within; you just knów it!  As each person is unique, the length of this journey will be different for each person.

Reikimaster: Monique van de Laar