Janet Thulisile Nhlapo
Janet Thulisile NhlapoFounder/Director Flowers from Heaven Foundation, caregiver, trainer, actress, film producer/writer (starter)
Living my whole life in rural area, I know how tough life can be. However this didn’t stop me from fulfilling my dream to help other people; by sharing my story, to tell them that if there’s hope, there’s life! It’s all about believing in Yes I can…. I have been physically, sexually and emotionally abused for 15 years and went through a long period of healing after that. I discovered I was offered another chance in life and became a volunteer at Red Cross and later on as a caregiver. Because of my love for people I was recommended by my the patients to employ me, they even called me ‘Angel of the patients’. In the many years working as a caregiver, I also worked and are still working with the youth in my hometown.  We have made 3 (amateurish) films so far about all challenges they are facing in the communities and the solutions. It is my aim to make more propaganda about the (coming) films so that other people can learn from it! Also the gogo’s got my loving attention and I organize events every so often. My biggest talent is to make people of all ages feeling free when they come and seek for my help. To help them to stand up for themselves, to speak out the truth, to seek for help! Today and every day I am grateful to God to give me the opportunity to be one of the founders of the FFHF together with my sister friend Monique from Holland. With her love she is showing that black and white are the same, that we are one!
It is not too late to build up our country. Let’s smile and laugh together!
Monique van de Laar
Monique van de LaarFounder/Director Identiti & Flowers from Heaven Foundation, psychosocial therapist, trainer & Reiki master
As a human being, experienced from multiple areas of life, I share these experiences and learnings with others, also using my talents gained from being a qualified psychosocial therapist. This is done by offering psychosocial training and workshops, developed by myself. All is made to measure, since every person is unique! My greatest talent is to get the best out of people and to inspire and motivate them.
Why South Africa? I feel very much at home in South Africa and have been there many times so far; to do development aid, to do voluntary work with HIV/AIDS patients, to travel, to get to know the culture…As from January 2018, I am going to fulfil my dream to live in South Africa for several years and by sharing my knowledge and talents. It will be fantastic and I am looking forward to be working with our wonderful FFHF team ! My interest in people is huge, regardless of their age, background, religion, or culture. So far I have worked (in different ways) with people from many different cultures: Dutch – English – Muslim – Turkish – Somali – Curacao – Zulu – Dominican Republic….
Zakhele (Isaac) Nala
Zakhele (Isaac) NalaDirector Flowers from Heaven Foundation, School Teacher, Actor
I am a hard working, passionate and dedicated man who is always willing to help other people.
Being a teacher at Amagcino Primary school gives me an opportunity to meet different kind of pupils coming from different homes: poor and rich. Over the years I’ve learned how children are experiencing the life that they are living, especially those who are from poor families. That made me realize how important it is to give them hope about life, as without hope there is no life! Together with the children, I am always trying to look for possibilities and solutions for challenges they come across at their homes. The same I do with youngsters who have lost hope with their lives and encourage them to believe in themselves and about the importance of education.
As we all know, it’s not that people can’t do things for themselves, but the reason behind it, is the lack of knowledge. By providing them with knowledge they can do things on their own!
Being a director of Flowers From Heaven Foundation will give me this opportunity to help many people of all ages to change their lives. I am looking forward to be working together with Jannet and Monique to launch FFHF and make the foundation grow and known !


Nhlonipho Nyawo (Zucci)
Nhlonipho Nyawo (Zucci)Non executive member, Admin clerk at school, (owner) intrepreneur, actor,
Diploma in Project management, conducting tourists (2010 World cup)
With the FFHF I can follow my passion to be working with people, especially with the youth!
Genisis (Princess) Zondi
Genisis (Princess) ZondiNon executive member, care giver, community worker, actress
Being disabled myself, with the FFHF I would like to stand up for the disabled people in the community and give them a voice!
Khumbulani Mthethwa
Khumbulani MthethwaNon executive member, furniture maker/carpenter, actor
For the FFHF I would like to make all the wooden furniture and also become an actor in their educational movies
Ayanda Mkhungo
Ayanda MkhungoNon executive member, student and actress
I’m studying Travel and Tourism. That is equivalent to a degree… also part time i do acting. As I will be joining this wonderful company FFHF, perhaps I can be their tour leader when international guests visit S.A. This would make me feel honored and is what I would love to do. I know a lot about my country and how to deal with guests/tourists. Mind you, I am very friendly, disciplined and caring. Whenever I can, I will also spread the news about the films FFHF is making!
Babhekile (Adelaide) Luthuli
Babhekile (Adelaide) LuthuliNon executive member, social worker to be, counsellor HIV/AIDS, youth Ambassador, actress
I like to join FFHF because I have been working with the youth for a long time and I know the problems that they are facing. Also working with different types of people has got my interest, because I love people and like to help them to make changes in their lives. I am a humble and lovely person and I am good in organizing. The FFHF can help me to learn more to help other people.
Nosipho Maluleka
Nosipho Maluleka Non executive member, community worker, caregiver, first aid helper, childminder, actress
My interest to work for the FFHF is to educate my community people so that they can help themselves. I have compassion in working with all kinds of people and I always have a smile on my face to also make them smile!
Sikhosiphi Wiseman Mthembu
Sikhosiphi Wiseman Mthembu Non executive member, entrepeneur, community worker
My name is Sikhosiphi Wiseman Mthembu, a 42 years old male who lives in Danganya rural area. Self employed in small business. For the past 20 years, I have been involved in community development with different projects, because I like to help my community to fight social ills; like poverty, teenage pregnancy, Hiv/Aids, unemployment and substance abuse. Although I don’t have all the answers, I wish to do all I can, to make a difference through motivating the youth to do what is right and also to inspire them to strive for making a difference in their lives and the community at large.
I was introduced to Monique through an NPO called Isolabantu at around 2009. Monique introduced me to FFHF for which I wish to put my effort to contribute to the success of the foundation. For FFHF I’m gonna be doing marketing and internet related work.
Nqobile Anele Chiliza
Nqobile Anele Chiliza Non executive member, student high school teacher in English, Geography and History, secretary/personal assistant FFHF
My name is Nqobile Anele Chiliza, a part time student at UNISA, studying English, Geography and History and hoping to graduate early next year. I have always been interested in working with the youth, the FFHF is a great platform for me to do that and also to learn from the people who have been working with the youth for years. As someone who is going to be working in an environment with teenagers as a high school teacher, i will be able to contribute a lot in the FFHF.
For FFHF i am going to do secretarial work mainly and I am also seen as the personal assistant of Monique whenever necessary.

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